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Smart Grid Privacy - NARUC Webinar
Deirdre K. Mulligan, Jennifer M. Urban and Chuck Goldman

This set of slides addresses "Fair Information Practices (FIP)" principles such as transparency, use & disclosure limitation, data security, etc. Information flows from the source of the data to the recipient and it has a mechanism of transmission, data has a certain nature and use. To protect these features there exist "Computer Fraud Abuse Act (CFAA)," and some other similar state statutes.

This webinar also mentions that there are rules to constrain lawful access to data which address various information flow such as "Smart meter to utility," "customer-authorized third party access to data from utility," "third party access authorized by customer," etc. There are other additional areas such as "real-time usage data in HAN," "third party owned & customer owned energy management system," etc. To address these concerns CPUC proposed several decisions.

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UC Berkeley and LBNL