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Vision and Strategy for Europe's Electricity Networks of the Future
Advisory Council, ETP SamrtGrids

This document presents European Commission's vision for electricity networks of the future, which would inspire the development of new products, processes and services, improvement of industrial efficiency, usage of cleaner energy resources and ensure security of infrastructure. The vision is for an ambitious program of research, development and demonstration resulting in transformation of the existing electricity grid to a more flexible, accessible, reliable and economic one.

The document identifies the key elements of the vision. First, providing rapidly and cost-effectively implementable technical solutions. Second, harmonizing regulatory and commercial frameworks. Third, establishing shared technical standard and protocols. Fourth, developing information, computing, and telecommunication systems. Fifth, ensuring the successful interfacing of old and new designs.

Origin of smart grids, driving factors, differences between the current and future grid, vision for implementing, etc. are also outlined in this report.

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ETP SamrtGrids