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Smart Grid--Leveraging Intelligent Communications to Transform the Power Infrastructure.
Venkat Pothamsetty and Saadat Malik

This document emphasizes the connectivity and network required for Smart Grid's success. It depicts the Smart Grid as a huge disparate collection of information generating sources; from generation, transmission and customer equipments. Here the authors provide an Information Systems view of the electricity system. A Power Systems view is given, too; and Smart Grid is the integration of Power and Information Systems.

There are many business drivers, also solutions to existing challenges, for the utility companies to implement Smart Grid. Cisco's intelligent communication infrastructure is versatile enough to help the companies in achieving the goals. Network equipments and services provided by Cisco and their partners will fulfill Smart Grid's communication demands in all levels--generation, transmission, distribution, energy trading and core Smart Grid infrastructures. In this document, the business drivers are mapped to Smart Grid functions; and how those functions are supported by Cisco equipments are presented, too, side by side. Cisco's own vision of the smart grid is given and how Cisco will make it a reality is described with examples.

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