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Technology Roadmap -- Smart Grids

This document presents comprehensive roadmap to implement smart grid. Various characteristics of smart grid, such as "enabling customer participation," "accommodating all generation and storage options," etc., are compiled in this document. The purpose, process and structure of the roadmap have been discussed at the beginning, too. Projected electricity consumption up to 2050 at different regions of the globe are shown, followed by the expected rate of increment in variable generation technology.

It introduces smart grid and provides information about status of smart deployment and demonstration projects world wide. It contains smart grid vision for 2050. Smart grid will have significant impact on peak demand and carbon dioxide emission. Although electricity consumption accounts for 17% energy consumption today, it results in 40% global carbon dioxide emission. Following the roadmap, greate reduction is achievable by 2050. This roadmap recommends actions to perform and milestones to target and it emphasizes on international collaboration. At last it provides action items for various stakeholders, such as, "electricity generators," "system operators," "regulators," "solution providers," "consumers," etc.

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