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Smart Houses Interacting with Smart Grids to Achieve Next Generation Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Dr. Anke Weidlich

This presentation was performed on Apr 12, 2010 in Stockholm and it provides an overview of the Smart House/Smart Grid project, vision of a communication infrastructure similar as the Internet, device integration, business cases, etc. In the overview part, timeline, partners, objectives, and core field trials are addressed.Second, the presenter shows the vision of energy communication network infrastructure which he addresses as the "Internet of Energy." Third, he demonstrates the integration and interfacing of the devices, especially interfacing the smart meter. How service oriented architecture is relevant and enhances interoperability is also mentioned. Fourth, several business cases, apropos to smart houses' integration, are discussed. In addition, electricity market participants, their roles, required functionalities, etc are shown in this part, too. These functionality requirements are illustrated from several aspects such as pricing, billing, etc.

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Smarthouse-Smartgrid Consortium