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SmartHouse/SmartGrid: D4.1 Case Study for 1 Million End-Users
S. Drenkard et al

This report is Deliverable D4.1 "Case Study for 1 Million End-Users" of the SmartHouse/SmartGrid project sponsored by the European Commission Seventh Framework Program. The overall objective of this report is to validate that the developed new control strategies and network architecture can be implemented for one million grid users and later on area wide.

All public deliverables are:
D1.1 High-Level System Requirements
D1.2 Technology Trends for SmartHouse/SmartGrid
D2.1 In-House Architecture and Interface Description
D2.2 Coordination Algorithm and Architecture Document
D2.5 Final Architecture for SmartHouse/SmartGrid
D3.1 Field Trial Demonstrator Designs
D3.4 General Evaluation Report Including Lessons-Learned from all Three Field Tests
D4.1 Case Study for 1 Million End-Users
D4.2 Report on Simulation Programme and Results for Mass Application
D5.1 Dissemination Plan
D5.5 Public Report on SmartHouses/SmartGrid

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Smarthouse-Smartgrid Consortium