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SmartHouse/SmartGrid: D2.2 Coordination Algorithm and Architecture Document
K. Kok et al.

This report is Deliverable D2.2 "Coordination Algorithm and Architecture Document" of the SmartHouse/SmartGrid project sponsored by the European Commission Seventh Framework Program. It provides a description of architectures and algorithms that support the Smart House/Smart Grid concept.

All public deliverables are:
D1.1 High-Level System Requirements
D1.2 Technology Trends for SmartHouse/SmartGrid
D2.1 In-House Architecture and Interface Description
D2.2 Coordination Algorithm and Architecture Document
D2.5 Final Architecture for SmartHouse/SmartGrid
D3.1 Field Trial Demonstrator Designs
D3.4 General Evaluation Report Including Lessons-Learned from all Three Field Tests
D4.1 Case Study for 1 Million End-Users
D4.2 Report on Simulation Programme and Results for Mass Application
D5.1 Dissemination Plan
D5.5 Public Report on SmartHouses/SmartGrid

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Smarthouse-Smartgrid Consortium