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Integrating Smart Houses with the Smart Grid Through Web Services for Increasing Energy Efficiency
Anke Weidlich and Stamatis Karnouskos

This presentation was made at the 10th IAEE European Conference on September 8, 2009. This document presents the vision of an "internet of energy," formed from networked power grid components together with ICT. The presenter stresses on this energy internet for it can save 15% of all carbon dioxide emissions. Future power system in this vision is also shown as a service ecosystem 2020 and beyond. The broad goals of intelligent energy system operations are to avoid peaks, reduce consumption and integrate more fluctuating renewable energy. The SmartHouse/SmartGrid (SHSG) project is introduced, whose goal is to demonstrate how ICT-enabled collaborative aggregations of smart houses can achieve maximum energy efficiency. Next, the presentation provides SHSG key issues, project consortium, field trials, business cases and retailer's perspective in brief. Finally the presenter shows how service oriented architecture can help the SHSG achieve better interoperability in heterogeneous software environment. At lower level there will be embedded services in smart meters and other household devices; at higher level services regarding business applications will reside.

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Smarthouse-Smartgrid Consortium