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CenterPoint Energy Smart Grid Grant Facts
CenterPoint Energy (CPE)

This document discusses the $200 million grant received by Houston Electric, LLC.

In October 2009, CenterPoint Energy, Inc.’s electric distribution and transmission subsidiary, Houston Electric, LLC, was selected by the Department of Energy to receive a $200 million “large project” grant to accelerate the completion of deployment of more than two million smart meters by almost two years to mid 2012 as part of its Advanced
Metering System (AMS) and to install the first phase of its grid strengthening and automation project called the Intelligent Grid (IG). Increasing the reliability and self-healing capability of the company’s grid is a national objective because a significant portion of the nation’s critical energy and petrochemical infrastructure is located in the company’s hurricane-susceptible service area. Additionally, until our AMS is fully deployed, the 30 or more active Retail Electric Providers serving consumers in the company’s deregulated electric distribution service territory may be hesitant to offer a full set of dynamic pricing options. However, the expected array of dynamic pricing and additional pricing programs that could be available in the company’s service area in the future should provide benefits in a competitive market.

Fully completed, CenterPoint Energy’s Smart Grid will serve as a leading example of an integrated, cyber-secure, scalable, and replicable Smart Grid. And the company will expand and use its Energy InSight technology center to test various Smart Grid components, to further evaluate security of new technologies, and to educate consumers, vendors and other key stakeholders about the benefits of Smart Grid Technology.

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