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The Smart Grid Evolution—Impact on Skilled Utility Technician Positions
Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD)

This report addresses the important issue of the utility industry workforce development. It first briefly describes how the new smart grid will differ from the legacy one. Most part of this massive shift will be implemented in the next two decades; it suggests heavy implications on the industry workforce. The skills and competencies in generation, transmission, and distribution will continue to be needed for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the Smart Grid network. Transmission workers will need to be able to ensure that alternative energy technologies, such as wind and solar, can be hooked up to the grid with sufficient transmission access. Upgrading of Information Technology skills, particularly with engineer positions, will be critical. Managing the data required to operate and maintain the Smart Grid system will require data analytic and modeling skills. This review validates the importance of training on foundational skills, so that employees in skilled utility technician positions will have the critical skills and knowledge to adapt to industry changes.

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