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EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Host Site Project - FirstEnergy/JCP&L Host Site Overview/Update
Joe Waligorski and Eva Gardow

This presentation starts by giving an overview of JCPL and FirstEnergy.This host site demonstration project is comprised of: Integrated Control Platform and 8MW Direct Load Control pilot; 15MW DLC Expansion; 5MW Permanent Peak Load Shift program; 3MW Electricity Storage program; Distribution Sensors; and Other DER technologies. This project aligns with FirstEnergy IGCA strategy. Project management tasks are provided, followed by task alignment table. JCP&L/FE EPRI Smart Grid Host Site Project Participants are: EPRI, JCP&L/FirstEnergy, BPL Global, Ltd., Dynamic Energy Group, and many other vendor companies. The status of various major milestones are also given.

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