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Energy Extraction Characteristic Study of Solar Photovoltaic Cells and Modules
Shuhui Li and Huiying Zhen

The presentation was made at IEEE PES 2011 General Meeting Super Sessions in July, 2011. The presentation describes under uneven shading conditions: a high current through the parallel resistors of the shaded cells, a high reverse terminal voltage on each shaded cell, and a high absorbing power by each shaded cell, depending on the voltage applied to PV cells or modules; 2) Using bypass diodes: the less the PV cells within a bypass diode group, the smaller the reverse voltage over shaded cells and the less the shaded cells absorb power; 3) For a solar PV array: if no bypass diodes applied, the PV array characteristics can be shifted considerably by shaded cells depending on how many strings contain shaded cells and how many shaded cells are in each string. If each PV cell has a bypass diode, the influence of the shaded cells is significantly reduced that leads to a new PV module concept; 4) The models and Newton-Rephson algorithm are suitable for transient analysis of power converter controlled solar PV systems.

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