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Smart Distribution Applications and their Integration in a Smart Grid Environment
Bob Uluski

The presentation was made at IEEE PES 2011 General Meeting Super Sessions in July, 2011. The presentation describes distribution voltage optimization. The presenter concludes: 1) Advanced distribution applications will play a growing role in managing distribution system operation for improved efficiency, reliability, and performance; 2) Utilities must have the necessary skills to deal with these new systems - training/certification of operators - new procedures and business processes, maintenance of hi tech systems, growing engineering support in the DSO; 3) New planning tools and capabilities are needed for smart distribution systems - account for advanced control capabilities, model impact of DER, real and reactive power forecasting, make sure software supplier vendors are in sync with the needs of planning engineers; 4) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will certainly play a key role in maximizing the benefits - improved accuracy and lower operating margins and Still some significant issues that need to be addressed such as data throughput and security.

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