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Exelon (ComEd/PECO) Smart Grid Demonstration Overview

The Exelon project is a collaborative effort bringing together ComEd and Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) technologies and applications to further the industry in regards to integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). The ComEd Customer Application Pilot (CAP) is a comprehensive customer behavior study that will provide research to understand consumer responses to varying types of pricing programs in various combinations with enabling technology and education in an opt-out format. The project will enhance the assessment of ComEd’s automated metering infrastructure (AMI) options and support other utilities’ experienced-based data on engaging customers via technology, education, and time-based pricing. The PECO demonstration is a project with Drexel University that will develop and deploy an advanced distributed energy management system to demonstrate economic and environmental value of integrating and optimizing DER through a “Smart Campus” micro-grid capable of aggregating dispatchable demand reduction resources to the regional grid.

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