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Southern California Edison’s Smart Grid Demonstration Project: Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration (ISGD)
Southern California Edison

The objective of Southern California Edison’s Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration (ISGD) is to verify, quantify, and validate the feasibility of integrating Smart Grid technologies. This project will deploy various technologies that represent the future of an integrated electric distribution system which is expected to be more reliable, secure, economic, efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly than those in general use today. The project will showcase advanced technologies necessary to support a smarter, more robust electricity infrastructure that will be critical as the country begins to rely on greater amounts of renewable generation, to use electricity as a fuel for vehicles, and recruit consumers to become active participants in the energy supply chain. To accomplish these objectives, the Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration encompasses four key areas addressing a broad set of requirements: 1) energy smart customer devices, 2) year 2020 distribution system, 3) secure energy network, 4) workforce of the future.

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