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The Effect on Electricity Consumption of the Commonwealth Edison Customer Application Program Pilot: Phase 1, Appendices
G. Horst

This report provides appendices that support Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) report 1022703, which describes the Phase 1 analysis of some aspects of residential customers' response to Commonwealth Edison's Customer Application Plan (CAP). This report contains technical materials that describe in detail all of the methods employed in conducting the Phase 1 analysis and presents the results of the application of those methods.

Demand response is becoming increasingly important as an adaptation to the rising costs of building new generation plants, siting new transmission and distribution facilities, and dealing with a variety of environmental issues, notably including climate change. Improvements in communications and controls reduce costs and extend the range of potentially responsive loads. Many regulators are pressing utilities to fully use a range of demand response solutions. An analysis of the efficacy of smart grid technologies in facilitating demand response is essential to determining the ways in which these technologies should be used.

This report describes the methods by which EPRI researchers are evaluating the efficacy of smart grid technologies in providing demand response to Commonwealth Edison and provides the first set of results from this evaluation.

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