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Electricite' de France (EDF) Smart Grid Demonstration Host-Site Project Description
Electricite' de France (EDF)

This report provides a description of the Electricité de France (EDF) Smart Grid Demonstration Host-Site Project as part of the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI’s) five-year smart grid demonstration initiative. The EPRI initiative includes core smart grid research and a number of large-scale smart grid projects with 19 funding utility members. The project is focused on integrating large-scale distributed energy resources (DER), including demand response, storage, distributed generation, and distributed renewable generation, into a “virtual power plant” to advance widespread, efficient, and cost-effective deployment of utility and customer side technologies in the distribution and overall power system operations. Host-Site projects apply EPRI’s IntelliGridsm methodology to define requirements for the technologies and communication, information, and control infrastructures that support integration of DER.

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