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Electrite de France (EDF) Smart Grid Demonstration Host-Site Overview
Electrite de France (EDF)

The project objective is to demonstrate an innovative, open, and repeatable architecture to optimize the integration of distributed generation, storage, renewable energy resources, demand response and energy efficiency measures in order to provide load relief, local network support and reduce CO2 emissions in the PACA region (South East of France). The project includes deploying and integrating 9 types of distributed energy resources. This region of France is an electric peninsula supplied by a unique 400kV transmission line to fulfill most of the electricity needs of the customers. In addition, local electricity generation covers less than half of the needs and this peninsula effect is aggravated by the distance between generation and consumption sites. Congestions occur during peak periods, and it is difficult to guarantee the demand-supply balance of the system during extreme weather conditions (heat waves or thunderstorms).

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