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Handbook for Assessing Smart Grid Projects

This Handbook for Assessing Smart Grid Projects was developed for the GridWise Alliance, a diverse group of smart grid stakeholders that includes system operators, utilities, manufacturers, universities, software and communications companies, investors, and consultants. KEMA, Inc. took a lead in writing the handbook with a great deal of input from Alliance members as well as the Edison Electric Institute and their members.

This handbook is designed to serve as a reference tool for those organizations and entities that are developing and/or assessing a high quality smart grid project. The handbook provides a legislative background and citations, and lays out a series of metrics that could be considered when developing or assessing a project.

This handbook does not seek to be the sole source of understanding smart grid deployment, but should be used as guidance for those who wish to gain a better understanding of the costs and benefits of their project. Care should be taken to follow any project development and reporting procedures required by funding entities such as the Department of Energy.

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