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Paths to Smart Grid Interoperability - Overview and Summary

This document, Paths to Smart Grid Interoperability – Overview and Summary, presents key points of the full white paper, with emphasis on its recommendations. The outline structure used here follows the white paper structure, so readers seeking more detail on a specific topic can easily locate it in the white paper. Smart grid promises to transform the electricity industry, yielding benefits such as: 1) A more reliable and stable supply of electricity; 2) Increased efficiency of the immense investment in electric infrastructure; 3) Increased capability to integrate renewable sources of electricity; 4) Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

However, smart grid is currently a vision that can be realized only if its diverse elements are able to work together as a system. What do decision makers need to know to ensure that the current smart grid standards setting efforts lead to a highly interoperable grid that can ultimately transform the industry to deliver these benefits? This white paper examines the issues to help decision makers put the interoperability standards setting effort on the path to the envisioned industry transformation and the realization of these benefits.

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