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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Grid Activities
George W. Arnold,

The presenter talks about NIST Smart Grid activities as follows: 1) Today’s Electric Grid; 2) What is the Smart Grid? 3) Increasing Efficiency is a Key Priority; 4) Why is the Grid Inefficient? 4) Improving Reliability for 21st Century; 5) Enabling Greater Use of Renewables; 6) Worldwide Investment in the Grid; 7) Smart Grid – A U.S. National Policy; 8) NIST Mission and Roles in the Smart Grid; 9) Energy Usage Information Standard; 10) Cyber Security Working Group; 11) Testing and Certification Framework; 12) Interoperability Standards and Regulation; 13) How Do Standards Get “Adopted”? 14) Issues; 15) NIST Activities Going Forward….

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