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NIST Smart Grid Program – Overview for Smart Grid Task Force
David Wollman

The presenter outlines NIST Smart Grid Program as follows: 1) High‐level goals and objectives of your agency and/or program relating to smart grid; 2) Smart grid activities by your agency; 3) Smart grid activities in which you would like to collaborate with other agencies - Under each Smart Grid area, identify specific collaboration activities and the roles and responsibilities of collaborating agencies. (Note that smart grid areas could include: R&D, demonstrations and deployments, policies/standards/regulation, business models and markets, consumer engagement, workforce development, energy efficiency, demand response, etc.); 4) Motivation for agency involvement in Smart Grid; 5) Smart grid activities that are ongoing with other agencies that you’d be interested in; 6) Annual budgets in smart grid related activities; Key smart grid stakeholders and customers of your agency….

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