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Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) - Standards Catalog

As part of its Charter obligations, the SGIP produces and maintains a “Catalog of Standards.” This document describes the purpose and scope of the Catalog, as well as the process and procedures for the management of the SGIP Catalog of Standards (CoS). Procedures are described for the management of the lifecycle of an entry into the Catalog, from its proposed inclusion, to its approval for inclusion, its periodic review for relevance and its possible deprecation and removal from the Catalog. Note that the SGIP Catalog of Standards is anticipated to provide a key but not exclusive source of input to the NIST process for coordinating the development of a framework of protocols and model standards for the Smart Grid under its Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007 responsibilities.
Described in this document are:
1) Criteria that standards, practices, and guides must meet for inclusion in the Catalog;
2) Artifacts that must be documented to characterize an entry and initiate the process;
3) Structure of the Catalog to facilitate searching and understanding the applications and architectural levels targeted in the design of each entry, and
4) Procedures to approve the addition of an entry to the Catalog, maintain and update Catalog entries, and deprecate and/or remove an entry from the Catalog.

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