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An Assessment of Analytical Capabilities, Services, and Tools for Demand Response
Andrew Satchwell and Charles Goldman—Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Hossein Haeri and Mark Lesiw—The Cadmus Group, Inc.

An Assessment of Analytical Capabilities, Services, and Tools for Demand Response was developed to fulfill part of the Implementation Proposal for The National Action Plan on Demand Response, a report to Congress jointly issued by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in June 2011. Part of that implementation proposal called for a “National Forum” on demand response to be conducted by DOE and FERC.
Given the rapid development of the demand response industry, DOE and FERC decided that a "virtual" project, convening state officials, industry representatives, members of a National Action Plan Coalition, and experts from research organizations to work together over a short, defined period to share ideas, examine barriers, and explore solutions for demand response to deliver its benefits, would be more effective than an in-person conference. Working groups were formed in the following four areas, with DOE funding to support their efforts, focusing on key demand response technical, programmatic, and policy issues:
1. Framework for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of demand response;
2. Measurement and verification for demand response resources;
3. Program design and implementation of demand response programs; and,
4. Assessment of analytical tools and methods for demand response.
Each working group has published a final report that summarizes its view of what remains to be done in their subject area. This document is one of those four reports.

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National Forum of the National Action Plan on Demand Response