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The Smart Grid in Texas: A Primer
Melissa C. Lott, Tylor B. Seaman, Charles R. Upshaw, Ehab Gondi, and Kartan Haron

This primer provides background on the electric grid and its current technology, illustrating the need to either pay for short-term patches or invest in long-term solutions for the gridʼs increasing problems. Within this background is a discussion of business ownership and revenue structures that are currently used in the electric grid in Texas. These concepts are later tied into a discussion on some innovative pricing models that could be used in a smart grid environment.
The discussion on the current state of the electric grid is followed by an
overview of the smart grid design, from technology and business viewpoints. Included are discussions of four layers of technology within the smart grid design, and the potential for this design to be the next evolutionary step in the modernization of the stateʼs electricity infrastructure. Finally, this primer provides an overview of the potential benefits and risks associated with a move to the smart grid and the general conclusions and recommendations resulting from these observations.

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Technical paper
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