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A “Model-Centric” Approach to Smarter Electric Distribution Systems
U.S. Department of Energy; Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

Orange and Rockland Utilities (ORU), is an investor-owned utility and a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison Incorporated (Con Edison), and is located in suburban New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, west of New York City. ORU is a key participant in Con Edison’s $272 million Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) project to modernize electric distribution systems.
With $136 million in Recovery Act funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, Con Edison and ORU expect to install smart grid technologies that provide: (1) lower frequency and duration of outages, (2) deferral of capital expenditures, (3) operational savings, (4) lower electricity costs, and (5) lower electricity consumption and environmental emissions through voltage and volt-amperes reactive (VAR) management, reduced line losses, and conservation voltage reductions.

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