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EPB Deploys America’s Fastest Fiber-optic Smart Grid
Lee Baker

While many utilities struggle with the question of whether or not to build a Smart Grid, for the Electric Power Board (EPB) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it was never an issue. The big question for Chattanooga’s municipal utility was how to make its investment ensure far greater advantages than simply automating meter readings. EPB sought a solution that not only benefited the utility, but more importantly delivered ever-growing value to the community by improving quality of life and opening up economic opportunities. It took ten years for EPB to formulate its plans – and it took ten years for technology to catch up to its vision. But the city’s decision to simultaneously deploy the country’s most powerful fiber-optic network set a new standard for how a utility can lead the way toward a bright economic future while improving power quality, reliability, customer service and energy efficiency.

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