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PMU Networking with IP Multicast

This document proposes a network architecture which implements IP networking technologies, including IP multicast, to help enable efficient transmission of phasor measurement unit (PMU) data for wide area measurement systems (WAMS). Specifically, this document proposes the use of Cisco® IP Multicast technology for the transport of PMU measurement data within a single network domain (that is, a single utility) or between network domains (that is, multiple utilities). These domains can consist of service components such as phasor data concentrators (PDC), data historians, and phasor gateways and others. This architecture allows each component to continue serving as the host for PMU information while relying on a standards-based IP network for secure and scalable transport. The IP network is now responsible for the receipt and re-transfer of PMU data. In this architecture each of the service components acts as a repository which receives the data, from relevant PMUs, at the edge of the network.

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