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Why IP Is the Right Foundation for the Smart Grid

"IP is the proven, scalable, secure, cost-effective, and interoperable foundation for the communications, information, and commercial networks around the world. Cisco believes that the Internet architecture should similarly serve as the foundation for the smart grid. The IP protocol suite includes a number of protocols and mechanisms to ensure high quality of service that meets the requirements of the most stringent applications, high availability, and a very strong and secure architecture. The flexibility of the layered architecture also ensures makes sure of investment protection for utilities for decades to come. IP has also demonstrated its ability to scale with billions of connected devices, and smart grid networks require similar scalability requirements. Solution providers and innovators have developed application systems, used across many global utilities for mission-critical and life-critical systems, to meet the rugged demands of the energy industry. To meet the energy demands of the 21st century, utilities must invest in new, secure, and scalable solutions that can deliver energy efficiently and reliably for future generations. IP has proven over the past 30 years to meet those principles."

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