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Utility Data Management & Intelligence: A Strategic Framework for Capturing Value from Data
Jeffrey Taft, Paul De Martini, Leonardo von Prellwitz

21st Century electric networks are rapidly evolving on multiple dimensions, including the development of energy information and operational platforms, in response to the adoption of a wide array of sensors, the penetration of significant distributed energy resources (including renewable resources and load management), and the enabling of market participation by millions of customers. This transition from vertically oriented value chain to a hybrid, more horizontal industry structure creates the need for the convergence of data, controls, and transactions into a unified energy platform enabling reliable and secure market and grid operations. The resulting platform is an emerging Enernet.
In this new context, data includes a wide range of types to enable both use by electric systems for planning, operations, asset management, and electricity markets applications, and new services for end customers and other market participants. When combined with an exponential growth in volume and diversity of data sources and in variety of uses and related latency requirements, developing an effective data management strategy presents a very large challenge.

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Technical paper