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Battery Energy Storage for Smart Grid Applications
Rainer Bussar, Michael Lippert, Géry Bonduelle, René Linke, Giorgio Crugnola, Joseph Cilia, Klaus-Dieter Merz, Chris Heron, Erwin Marckx

This paper provides information on the specific advantages of utilising Battery Energy Storage (BES) solutions to support Europe’s future Smart Grid. It aims to enhance knowledge about batteries and how they can contribute to society in the context of the European Union’s longterm climate and energy policies, in which “Smart Grids will be the backbone of the future decarbonised power system”. This paper acts as a reference document explaining the potential contribution of battery energy storage at all levels of the electricity grid: generation, transmission, distribution and customer. The paper also gives an overview of the four main battery technologies commercially available for energy storage – Lead, Lithium, Nickel and Sodium-based batteries – and makes a series of recommendation for how their mass-market utilisation can be facilitated at a European level.

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White paper