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Battery Energy Storage for Rural Electrification Systems
Klaus-Dieter Merz, Giorgio Crugnola, Géry Bonduelle, Raf Bruggeman, François Linck, René Linke, Joseph Cilia, Chris Heron, Erwin Marckx

This document provides general guidelines on optimised battery selection for use in off-grid and mini-grid systems installed to provide rural electrification. It aims to enhance the knowledge about the combination of functions that Lead, Lithium, Nickel and Sodium-based batteries can provide across different types and sizes of rural electrification system, and across varying environmental conditions.
Used correctly in off-grid and mini-grid systems, Battery Energy Storage can improve the reliability of power supply from renewable and conventional sources, increase overall system efficiency, and provide economic savings across the system life cycle. To take advantage of these benefits, system operators must ensure that their battery sizing is fitted with the system’s technical, environmental and situational requirements.

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