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Demand Response Measurement & Verification
Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC)

The primary focus of this paper is to standardize terminology used in association with Demand Response and Measurement and Verification as it applies to Load Research practices. In addition, this paper will define and contrast the various methodologies used in both the measurement (impact evaluation) and Verification process of demand response including the development and application of Baselines.
This paper deals exclusively with the measurement of demand reduction (kW) achieved by Demand Response programs, and while recognizing that demand response may reduce both demand and energy, makes no attempt to describe/define measurement reductions in energy (kWh) attributed to either Demand Response or Energy Efficiency programs. The authors highlight and discuss many of the more prominent Demand Response programs currently in use but make no attempt to describe or discuss all existing or potential programs that may reduce peak demand. The programs used throughout this paper are used to help define broad groupings of programs and the Measurement and Verification methods that apply to these groupings.

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