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2010 Smart Grid System Report: Report to Congress, February 2012- Appendix A
U.S. Department of Energy

"This appendix presents papers covering each of the 21 metrics identified in Section 2.1. These metric papers were prepared in advance of the main body of the report and collectively form its informational backbone. The list of metrics is derived from the material developed at the 2008 Smart Grid Implementation Workshop and refined through the development of this report. The objective of the metric development process was to distill the best ideas into a small number of metrics with a reasonable chance of successful measurement and assessment.
The metrics examined in this appendix are of two types: build metrics that describe attributes that are built in support of the smart grid, and value metrics that describe the value that may be derived from achieving a smart grid. Build metrics generally lead the value that is eventually provided, while value metrics generally lag in reflecting the contributions that accrue from implementations. While build metrics tend to be quantifiable, value metrics can be influenced by many developments and therefore generally require more qualifying discussion. Both types are important in describing the status of smart grid implementation."

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