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Energy Efficiency: A Growing Utility-Business Solution To Reliability, Affordability, & Sustainability
Adam Cooper, Lisa Wood

The benefits of the energy savings produced through efficiency programs are multifold and range from energy affordability, customer service, and customer satisfaction, to facilitating and prioritizing long term asset planning, meeting environmental goals, and increasing the reliability and stability of the power grid. From a customer perspective, electric utilities remain the trusted energy adviser; from a regulatory perspective, a strong focus on efficiency program cost-effectiveness has enabled utilities to procure a low-cost resource option and has provided a pathway to meet environmental goals in a clean and affordable way; and finally, from an electric utility perspective, the capability to analyze and use data across the whole power system from generation sources to customer end-uses is fundamental to optimizing the power grid. Using both supply- and demand-side resources effectively allows electric utilities to provide the most appropriate services to customers. As the role of demand-side resources continues to expand in importance in optimizing the nation’s power grid, electric utilities are well positioned to ensure that energy efficiency continues to grow as a smart business solution that delivers broad-based benefits.

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