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Murray State University Takes Advantage of Smartgrid Volt/VAR Optimization Technology
Kim Oatman, Daniel Williams, Tom Wilson

In March 2011. UtiliData, Inc. commissioned a Smartgrid Volt/VAR Optimization system on the campus of Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. The system was based upon the AdaptiVoltâ„¢ Volt/VAR Optimization technology that that the company has installed at several electric utility distribution substations and industrial manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada. These systems, being operated in Conservation Voltage Regulation mode, have provided significant energy conservation where they have been installed. At the completion of a six month measurement and verification period the peak demand the system has proven to reduce peak demand by almost 4.4% (actual MW)and it has reduced overall campus electrical energy usage by more that 4.8% (actual kWh). This case study describes the voltage optimization system, the mechanism of energy conservation when voltage is optimized on a college campus or other campus-like facility and the measurement, the project and installation process and verification method used to determine actual savings.

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Technical paper
Murray State University