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Score Your Smart Grid IQ (Investment Quotient)
Jerry Jackson

Within a decade every utility will have incorporated at least some aspects of smart grid technologies in their distribution system. While several rating systems benchmark utility success at achieving smart grid functionality none evaluate the effectiveness of the investment planning process required to achieve the most cost-effective investment strategy. The Smart Grid Research Consortium was formed at Texas A&M University in 2010 and established as an independent Consortium in January 2011 to support electric cooperative, municipal and other public utility smart grid investment analysis. The Consortium’s experience developing and applying the Smart Grid Investment Model™ at 15 member utilities provides the basis for the Smart Grid IQ “test” presented here. The objective of the scorecard presented in this white paper is to assist utilities in evaluating their current smart grid investment analysis and planning process. The ideal investment/planning framework, reflected by a score of 100, is capable of identifying specific technologies and programs that best meet utility financial requirements while considering unique infrastructure and customer characteristics.

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Smart Grid Research Consortium (SGRC)