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Silicon Valley Power Case Study: Wireless Broadband Benefits Smart Grid, More
Larry Owens

Silicon Valley Power (SVP), a municipal power and water utility in Santa Clara, Calif., provides services to 52,000 power and 27,000 water customers. Its 19.3-square-mile service territory in the heart of Silicon Valley encompasses many large Fortune 500 companies, including Applied Materials Inc., Microsoft Corp., Texas Instruments Inc., Nvidia Corp., Owens Corning, Oracle Corp. and Yahoo Inc. Starting as early as the 1990s, SVP began piloting the reading of electric meters via a fixed 700-megahertz radio network with now-defunct Whisper Communications. After some early shortfalls, it wasn't until 15 years later SVP began developing its smart grid strategy and identified advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) as the first application.

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