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A Smarter Transmission Grid

Our modern transmission grid transports bulk power over long distances and across many provincial boundaries, but ever-increasing energy demands are significantly transforming it. Worldwide, many catalysts are driving this transformation, including emerging supply- and demand-side technologies, cyber security concerns, and aging infrastructures, to name just a few. As the grid transforms and more grid-connected renewable resources complicate reliability, it will be increasingly difficult to meet its future needs with today's technologies.
Therefore, global Smart Grid initiatives have become a major driving force towards building a new and efficient transmission infrastructure, improving the operating efficiency of the existing infrastructure, and deploying advanced technologies. This will enhance the capacity, safety, reliability, security, efficiency, and economic operation of the interconnected power systems to meet the ever-changing and sophisticated needs of consumers in the 21st Century.
This paper represents collective input from the industry regarding the vision of a smarter transmission grid, challenges faced in realizing the vision, and technologies that can help in realizing the vision. The paper presents not only a vision of a future smarter transmission grid but also identifies specific applications that—when collectively implemented by owners and operators—will help achieve the vision.

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