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2013 Global Security Report

Cybersecurity threats are increasing as quickly as businesses can implement measures against them. At the same time, businesses must embrace virtualization and cloud, user mobility and heterogeneous platforms and devices. They also have to find ways to handle and protect exploding volumes of sensitive data. The combination of business and IT transformation, compliance and governance demands and the onslaught of security threats continues to make the job of safeguarding data assets a serious challenge for organizations of all types—from multinational corporations to independent merchants to government entities.
Today, organizations need not only to understand current trends in security threats but also be able to identify inherent vulnerabilities within existing systems. In the 2013 Global Security Report, Trustwave tested, analyzed and discovered the top vulnerabilities and threats that have the most potential to negatively impact organizations. Read on for the key discoveries of 2012 and trends to watch in 2013 and beyond.

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