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Collaborative Transmission Technology Roadmap - Draft
Bonneville Power Administration

Technology roadmaps are used to guide investments in research, to articulate research questions of interest, and to inform stakeholders of the potential benefits of new technology. Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) developed its first Transmission Technology Roadmap in 2006 after Northwest rate-payers committed to a sustained investment in new technology. The 2006 roadmap and the revisions that followed have been used in conjunction with BPA’s annual R&D solicitation. More recently, the roadmap has been used to inform transmission asset strategies. The roadmap is revised and updated periodically to accurately reflect the current state of technology. The Collaborative Transmission Technology Roadmap pilot effort was established to develop an entirely new transmission roadmap based on the following principles:
-Create a transmission technology roadmap that utilizes industry best practices for roadmapping;
-Apply the lessons learned from the highly successful National Energy Efficiency Technology Roadmap Portfolio;
-Solicit participation from other leaders in the industry to identify common areas of interest and possible collaboration; and
-Use the content from the existing BPA roadmap as a starting point.

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