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Grid Integration of Aggregated Demand Response, Part 1: Load Availability Profiles and Constraints for the Western Interconnection
Olsen, D. J.; Matson, N.; Sohn, M. D.; Rose, C.; Dudley, J.; Goli, S.; Kilicote, S.; Hummon, M.; Palchak, D.; Denholm, P.; Jorgenson, J.; Ma, O.

Demand Response (DR) has the potential to improve electric grid reliability and reduce system costs. The authors present an approach for practicing DR availability profiles for 13 ens-use loads within Western Interconnection for the year of 2020. For each end-use, they estimate an annual hourly load profile for each of the 36 balancing authority areas. These load profiles are further evaluated and filtered to obtain an estimate of the load available to participate in each of 5 products (3 ancillary services, and energy product, and a capacity product) for each hour of 2020 calendar year. They supplemented these DR availability profiles with expectations on constraints for the duration and frequency of the load responses, in order to best represent the expected electricity customer system. Finally, they discussed the projected theoretical availability for full load participation.

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Technical paper
Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory