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Introducing Green Button
David Wollman and Chris Irwin

The presenter describes energy usage information basics which includes: 1) Measurements of power, energy, gas, water, … ; 2) Quality: Raw, validated, estimated, …; 3) Source: Meter near real-time, utility back end, third party; 4) Economics: Consumers need to know the cost of their consumed power (but we did not construct a pricing model); 5) Identification: by customer, device, location; 6) Readings; 7) Interval data; 8) Summary Information; 9) Power Quality Metrics. Standardization behind the Green Button includes the following: 1) Smart Grid Investment Grant Program (SGIP) Priority Action Plan 10 resulted in North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) REQ18/WEQ19 PAP10 EUI standard in December 2010; 2) Further standardization produced NAESB REQ21 Energy Services Provider Interface; 3) Together these define a flexible file format basis for Green Button, with initial implementations using a subset of ESPI and EUI.

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