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Remarks to IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications
Aneesh Chopra

The presenter describes unleashing a Mobile Broadband revolution (Presidential Commitment to (Nearly) Double Available Spectrum) - Spectrum Initiative as follows: 1) Identify and plan for the release of 500 MHz of spectrum; 2) Provide new tools and new incentives to free up spectrum; 3) Redeploy the spectrum to high-value uses; 4) Use the auction proceeds to promote public safety and job-creating infrastructure investment. Ultra-High Speed Broadband to the Home was also presented as follows: 1) Neighborhood 1 Gb/s Incubator - June 2010 -Case Western Reserve University brings Gb/s service to 104 low-income homes to incubate future uses, Collaborative R&D, with 40+ partners, private sector stakeholder support, and Focus on community needs; 2) City-Wide 1 Gb/s Market - Sept. 2010 -Chattanooga's power company begins offering Gb/s service to up to 170,000 customers by end of 2010, Dept of Energy Smart Grid grant contributes $118 million to business model, and platform for entrepreneurs with services that require Gb/s to the home.

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