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CEA Standard Modular Communications Interface for Energy Management CEA-2045
R7.8 Modular Communications Interface for Energy Management Subcommittee

Utilities worldwide are investing heavily in smart grid infrastructure that extends to homes and businesses, with the goal of improving grid reliability and efficiency through increased consumer awareness and participation. High hopes abound for grid connected homes and buildings to be better prepared and more willing to react to changing grid conditions. But, how do we enable grid connectivity today and into the future, in the midst of an evolutionary wave of standards competition and innovation?
This standard provides a solution to this problem through a modular communications interface (MCI) enabling any product to connect to any type of demand response system (Advanced Meter Reading (AMI), Smart Energy Profile (SEP), OpenADR), and/or home or building network. The concept is simple; encourage manufacturers to build an MCI interface into their products that can accept a simple communications module. Consumers and program managers are then free to select whatever communication solution works best for their particular environment.

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