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Utilities and Big Data: Accelerating the Drive to Value

Smart grid deployments have given utilities unprecedented access to information. They have significant potential to harness that information to improve grid performance and customer service. While utilities are collecting and using more data than ever before, they grapple with analyzing, delivering and managing it. Just 20 percent say they are doing an excellent job at putting timely information into the hands of people who need it most. Fewer than half of utilities today use smart grid data to provide alerts or make other direct customer service improvements.
These are among the findings of Oracle’s "Utilities and Big Data: Accelerating the Drive to Value," the second annual in a series, examining how utilities use information generated from smart grid deployments to drive greater organizational efficiency, more reliable service, and stronger customer relationships. Following 2012’s “Big Data, Bigger Opportunities” study, Oracle again surveyed 151 North American senior-level executives at utilities with smart meter programs in place and to gauge their perceptions on how big data is affecting utilities.

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