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UCAIug Home Area Network System Requirements Specification

UCAIug Home Area Network System Requirements Specification
Brief Description:

OpenHAN is a specification for home area network (HAN) requirements to connect to the utility advanced metering system including device communication, measurement, and control. The standard focuses on the consumer interface task defined by UtilityAMI. This work helps utilities and vendors ensure that all software involved guarantees security and interoperability. UtilityAMI 2008 HAN SRS defines four security category sections for guidelines that promote open, standards-based, interoperable HANs:
- Access – for control and confidentiality of data and information
- Integrity –ensuring protection of data, bot in storage and in transit, from unauthorized users
- Accountability – the date/time/user event information to audit a system
- Registration – the authentication of identities that are established within a HAN and known to a utility.

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