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Innovations Across the Grid
The Edison Foundation

Understanding how the grid is changing and recognizing the critical importance of what we do are the driving forces behind the partnerships and projects demonstrated in Innovations Across the Grid. Every day, electric utilities supply the power for our economy and our way of life. And as the world is changing, we – and the almost 500,000 people in our workforce – are changing with it, reinventing ourselves, our businesses, and the way we go about every aspect of our work. Innovations Across the Grid shows that by working together, electric utilities and technology companies are increasing customer engagement, improving energy efficiency, integrating renewable and distributed resources, expanding opportunities for electric transportation, and building a more resilient, flexible, visible, and reliable 21st Century power grid. In doing so, we are enabling electricity to deliver even more value – to grow the economy, protect the environment, and provide a platform for the innovations of the future.

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