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Power Transmission Analysis Software

Power Transmission Analysis Software is a package consisting of tools to create, configure, customize, and manage power transmission system models which are very similar to the real world transmission systems. The software's core tools enable engineers to easily build 3-phase and 1-phase AC and DC network with unlimited buses and elements, including detailed instrumentation and grounding components.


Power Transmission Analysis Software is used in multiple applications, including power flow calculations, fault analysis, dynamic simulations, transfer limit analysis, and pricing models.


[1] Cooper Power Systems Energy Automation Solutions: http://www.cyme.com/software/#ind

Key Technology Area: 
Improved Interfaces and Decision Support

Sample Vendors:
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Also known as PSCAD/EMTDC, it is most suitable for simulating the time domain instantaneous responses (electromagnetic transients) of electrical systems. The PSCAD Graphical Interface greatly enhances the power and efficiency of the simulation. It allows the user to schematically construct a circuit, run a simulation, analyze the results, and manage the data in a completely integrated graphical environment. It is used in planning, operation, design, commissioning, preparation of tender specifications, teaching and research. Visit http://www.pscad.com or http://www.nayakcorp.com for more details.

12/14/10 Om Nayak Vendor, Nayakcorp
ETAP 09/30/10
General Electric (GE) Energy 09/30/10
Mathworks 09/30/10
PowerWorld Corporation 09/30/10
Siemens 09/30/10


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