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Consumer Gateway and Portal

The Consumer Gateway and Portal enables customers to interact with the utilities by providing real-time feedback, as well as taking action to reduce energy usage with the knowledge on dynamic electric rates and demand response programs launched by utilities as part of the smart grid initiatives. Consumer portals also allow consumers to read their Home area network devices like the smart meters, smart thermostats, etc. The utilities also benefits since consumers reduce energy demand during peak periods, which helps them to improve energy efficiency, thereby leading to improved customer satisfaction. Consumers can also be aware of the offers and promotions by utilities, e.g. an unusually high usage or change in energy prices.


Consumer portals provide support for software management, messaging or e-mail services, online troubleshooting, easy upgrades, media storage, account management, status tracking tools, access and file management, backup and restore options, and much more.


[1] Verifiable Load Reduction, GridPoint. URL: http://www.gridpoint.com/robustdemandresponse.aspx
[2] Intelligrid, Electric Power Research Institute. URL: http://www.epri-intelligrid.com/intelligrid/techdev/portal/portal.html
[3] CustomerIQ Web Portal, SilverSpring Networks. URL: http://www.silverspringnet.com/pdfs/SSN-DS-CustomerIQ.pdf

Key Technology Area: 
Improved Interfaces and Decision Support

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
Silver Spring Networks 09/30/10
Tendril 09/30/10


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